When are the final 4 picked?

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When does Martha make her final decision on who the last 4 girls will be for the Olympic Team? Anyone know?

Not sure when the decision will be made, but the gymnasts and their coaches are - unconfirmed - going to be told on Saturday, July 19 around 5:00. All subject to change, of course.

I would watch nbcolympics.com for first news of the selection unless you know someone who will be there who can send you an email via wireless. Nbcolympics.com probably would STILL be faster, though. :rolleyes:
I now believe the announcement on Saturday the 19th will be later in the day. Perhaps around 8:00 to 8:30 pm central time.
The times listed above, which is AFTER the selection camp at Kayroli's Ranch.
~The team arrived at the camp today (Wed).
~They will compete Friday and Saturday.
~Selection will NOT be televised
~There MAY be an annoucement made Saturday evening
~The surprise team will be on the NBC morning show (Today Show) on Sunday.
The announcement WILL be Saturday. One USAG schedule has the announcement around 8:30 pm CST but an updated schedule by NBC has 7:15 pm CST. Nbcolympics.com will likely be the first to list the team, although others at the ranch will also know the team and might be able to leak out emails around the same time or texts if they leave the ranch.

NBCOlympics.com says they will be blogging the meet starting today (Friday) at 11:30 or 12:30 CST. The meet begins at 12:30 CST so 12:30 CST is likely accurate, but I am guessing.
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