Parents When do you pick music and get optional routines choreographed?

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May 25, 2012
Hi, my daughter will be a first year optional in Jan '22, won't know for sure what level until October, but we are assuming 7. Curious when do your girls usually choose music and get routines choreographed for the season? I had asked our coach about choosing music a couple weeks ago and was told not to worry about it yet, we have plenty of time. My older, now "retired" gymnast, had her routines already by this point of the year, same gym we're at now, but head coaching staff changed a couple years ago. I'm not too worried about it, more just curious on the timing for others?
I am sure it varies a little from gym to gym, staff to staff, but this is certainly the season for choreo and music, I would say now to over the next month. Our gym doesn't allow girls to pick their music, very minimal input on that, but old gym allowed parents to edit their own music to save some $$.
We are getting a new routine and are in the same boat. Last routine I am pretty sure we got in the summer I started looking for music last week and they told me to hold off for now because the Choreographer may want to pick the music themselves and they are looking at what to do for a choreographer now. They have a fair amount of new routines to do this year so I am surprised the process hasnt started yet. We typically do an in house meet in October so we would need routines pretty soon to be ready for that. Regular season typically starts in December. If I have to find music I need to know now though cause my kid is super picky I found one song she liked but coach did not.....
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My daughter won’t be getting her new routine and music until the end of August or early Sep (from what we was told)
My daughter isn't getting a new routine this year, but the ones that are getting new ones have already gotten them from what I understand. They try to get them all done in the summer since that is the easiest for the athletes and the coaches to find the time.
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dd's gym typically did their choreography in the summer. Sometimes would spill into the fall, depending on who was doing it. Do your coaches choreograph or do you go beyond the gym?
We start competing usually the first weekend in November.
We had girls who picked their music in June and July and others have picked in the past 2 weeks.
Those who want our college age coaches to do the choreography have to make sure they get the music in time for the coaches to come up with the choreo before they go back to school.
For those doing their own choreo, they need to have their music by mid-September.
We have several girls who compete for their middle school team (compete early September - Early October), and they had to have their music by today at the latest.
Tumbling and leap passes are done well before the whole routine comes together. Our mock meet is at the end of September. Gymnasts getting new routines typically start booking time around now, so a month out.
This is her first year as an optional and she doesn’t have music yet. I’m very nervous. Our season starts end nov for mock meet I believe, but she is not a dancer, she doesn’t remember choreo very well and she is one of very few kids going to school full time so she doesn’t have time to practice.

we have the option of a cheaper choreographer who is more available but it was made REALLY clear that if you choose her, the coaches will be very unhappy. So we’re waiting… and waiting… and waiting…. I hate waiting
My older one got her routines choreographed usually around mid-October but my younger one, who is a new optional, is not scheduled until just before Thanksgiving.
So ironically DD came home last night and told us they get routines the first two weeks of September they need to finalize music choices by the end of the week. The coach had some songs or they could find their own, one of the songs my dd liked I really like even more than the one song we found on our own. Its nice having a plan in place!! One of the level 10s and one of the coaches are choreographing alot of the routines but the college (or former college?) gymnast that does choreo is doing my daughters, she did her last routine and I liked that one so I am excited!
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