When does everyones meet season start?

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Proud Parent
Jun 11, 2008
WHEN DOES EVERYONES MEET SEASON START??? It seems depending on the area people have different seasons. We do 1 season that starts now in Fall with state meets in the spring. Most of our team seems very anxious to start this year and are counting down the days.
Optionals (levels 7-10) start in January. So I still have a few more months to go. Compulsaries (levels 4-6) started in September.
My season starts Nov 16th at 11:30 am. :)

I have high school meets that start in December, but after state for high school, I will hopefully make it to the Y state meet and then maybe I'll compete with/against you!:D
Here the compulsory girls got started the weekend after Labor Day(levels 4-6 only) and states are in early Dec. Optionals start in Jan with states in March. We just got our meet schedule and 1st meet is Jan. 16-18(have no idea when we'll compete).
We seem to be constantly in meet season in GA. USAG compulsories are in the fall (states in November, I think), with USAG optionals in the spring (Jan - May). AAU is also in the spring, but some of the spring meets will also have USAG compulsories, too. Crazy to keep up with but great for plenty of opportunity to compete.

Levels 4, 6 & 7 - Fall season with States in Jan.

Levels 5, 8, 9 & 10 - Spring Season with States April/Mayish, then Regionals & Nationals to follow.

Dd is competing Level 8 and has her first meet in Nov., then 1 in Dec and the rest will be in Jan, Feb and March for the most part.
Our compulsory season is Sept - Nov with States in December. Then we move on to the spring season where some gyms still hold compulsory meets but mostly optional. Our compulsory girls will compete Rookie 1 & 2, Novice or Prep-Op depending on their level in the spring season (Feb - March with States in March & April). Rookie 1 is basically L3 or having never competed a USAG L4 meet. Rookie 2 is like L4, Novice is L5 etc. They have requirements for each level but you get to do your own routines ( no more compulsory music !!).

Some gyms only do one season, others do both.
In MN: Level 4, 5 & 6 run from Sept to December (that is when the State Meet is) They also have an 'open season' that runs through April.

Optionals start in Late December, State is the beginning of April. Regionals and Nationals follow through May.

My DD's Optional team doesnt compete in the Late December meet. They start competition in January.
I have my first meet this sunday starting at 12 D:
Im very behind on beam(of course!) but I have a feeling everything will work out.
Here in Texas compulsory is from Aug-Nov. We have our Level 6 state in 2 weeks. Jan-May is optional. We get to do a split 6/7 season.....so it will be a long year....:)

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