WAG When does your gym go to 20 hours/week for training?

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At what level are gymnasts offered to train 20 hours per week at your gym?

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Aug 22, 2008
Trying to get updated information. If you are in a gym that does not go to 20 hours, indicate never. If your gym offers variable hours, pick the lowest level that 20 hrs is offered. This does not include parent initiated privates. I suppose it should include gym required privates though (hopefully that's not a thing)

Also, If your gym offers it below L7, please reply with the level and whether your gym trains potential elites



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Jul 2, 2018
Our gym peaks at 17 hours per week. My daughters does an adult class (additional 4-5 hours per week) but it is more for fun and social time. But I think she does work on some skills that she wants to improve.


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May 25, 2012
So I voted level 4, but that’s only for a select few in the daytime program. And by select few, this year it was 1. (Was more last year, but covid meant our daytime program was larger than normal that year) Usually it’s when you start training optionals. We max out at 25 hours, and our older level 10s are all back down at 20 hours now.

Our gym has not had elites in many years, and no current plans.


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Dec 22, 2016
I selected Level 6 but I think our homeschool group starts 20 hours at level 4 but i am not 100% sure on that as we were never part of that group. I just know they do more than the evening group at every level.
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