WAG When is Hollow Body position used in Cartwheel?

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Aug 12, 2021
I am familiar with the Hollow body position. Just curious, when is it used in a cartwheel or handstand? I do those a lot, and don't notice its actual usage in the movement. or is it more of a core-body exercise?


I wouldn't necessarily say an actual hollow body position is used in a cartwheel (other than cartwheel step-in) or handstand (except, arguably, on bars).

However, by default the body tends to have a natural arch in the lower back and forward tilt of the pelvis. Strengthening hollow body position means strengthening the muscles that straighten the lower back and tilt the pelvis backwards, achieving the flatter, straighter shape that is needed in a carthweel or handstand. (There's some debatable nuance I'm glossing over here)

And to be clear: this natural arch in the lower back and forward tilt of the pelvis is completely fine in normal situations. Walking, standing, etc; the back is supposed to have a slight j-curve (or at least, that's my understanding; I'm not an expert on lower spine posture, I'm just repeating what I've heard from people who know this stuff better than I do). But in the context of a handstand or cartwheel, one of the goals is to get the body as straight as reasonably possible.

So not a "hollow," per se, but the same muscles used in a hollow.
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