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Jul 28, 2015
Hi everyone,
I am previous gymnast. I began late when I was 9 years old and went for about a year and a half -2 years. I went out for some recreational gymnastics, but was asked to join the competitive team that same night. I was very good at it, as i was extremely tiny, and am now only 4'9. Unfortunately I cannot remember which level I was at, though I do remember quitting just after practicing my first independent routines on all events. We used to practice almost every night. I used to win gold at basically all of my competitions. But, sadly, due to a girls elbow dislocation in front of me, fear ensued, and I quit because I was too scared to do half of the events. I am aware it has been quite a while since I have done gymnastics, as I am now 17, making it much more difficult for me to be at the level I was many years before. But as I said I am 4'9. I believe I already started late as a 9 yr old and far surpassed many of the girls at my age level who had been doing gymnastics for years. Although, I currently lack many of the flexibility and skills I had previously, I believe that I am a quick learner. I just recently contacted a local gym and will be doing some adult classes (16+) once or twice a week. I spoke with a worker, who told me that most of the people in the group are previous gymnasts also and we do all the gymnastic fundamentals; conditioning, bars, etc. I miss gymnastics so much. What I am wondering is, am too old to start competing again? Is there any chance for me, with extreme dedication and hard work, to move back into competitive gymnastics?
Thanks in advance.
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