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Nov 16, 2012
We are back home now. The camp went pretty well and we are both relieved.

The camp started with lunch, and my gymnast was sitting alone when all the others had someone to eat with. At that point, I was terrified. But thankfully the camp organizers took the team bonding stuff very seriously and talked about it a lot. She was in the same room with three other girls and one of them was very introverted and shy like my gymnast (and also there for the first time and with no friends) and two of them were super social and chatty. I think it was a pretty good combo. In here training group there was one girl that she became friends with so that was good also.

The junior girls had time to bond at bowling and swimming. They really liked it and it helped a lot!

And how did the training went? It was ok. Her shin splints didn't hurt that much. She managed to do floor and vault normally. Beam and bars were harder, because she was clearly behind the others. But the coaches weren't too concerned about that. Actually, everyone was super nice. The camp theme was "Good Camp" and the coaches and gymnasts spent a lot of time brainstorming and making lists about how to make sure that everyone has a good time, that everyone enjoys the camp and wants to come back. The camp organizers TRULY listened to us and the girls, and made instant changes to the things that were pointed out. I was super proud of our National Team and our federation for taking this step on the way of creating happy and healthy gymnasts who actually LOVE being at the camps. I saw gymnasts and coaches smiling, giggling, cheering on each other and talking good things about each other. Unfortunately I have heard not so nice things about National Team camps from years ago, but this camp was SO different. No shouting, no humiliating, no belittling, no weighing of the girls, no food control, no discouraging, no comparing. Nothing. Just healthy and happy atmosphere.

My gymnast got her twists back on the floor on the last day of the camp! That was the greatest accomplishment. She also did some nice double backs. She worked hard, but still has issues wit the blind change. But we will keep working on it.


Proud Parent
Apr 30, 2015
That is such great news!!! You definitely did the right thing by following your gut and sending her to camp. It was a positive experience, her gymnastics improved, and she got her twists back. :) It is also reassuring for you and her, that the National Team Coaches weren't overly phased by her troubles and that's because they fall under the umbrella of normal setbacks that can occur during elite training. I am really happy to hear the outcome to your situation!
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