when to wear grips... And when to join team

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Jul 20, 2008
canada!... eh
at my gym you are allowed to use grips when you start competitive gym. one reason i started using grips is because i only held on with the tips of my fingers(dont know how i do that) but the dowel acts as a extension of my fingers:cool::D


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Oct 12, 2008
As to the question of grips, as you can probably tell there are many opinions on the subject, almost everyone who has posted has said something different. Personally I used non-dowel grips for about 6 months and then moved to dowel grips when I started competing and working out more hours (Level 4 /Class VI).

Your decision on grips really is up to you and your coach, if they think you don't need grips, then you don't need grips, if they think you would benefit from grips, then get them. Also the same goes for dowel/non-dowel, your coach will know.

As to the question of changing gyms... I would stay with your own gym until your coach has moved. Then after s/he has moved, go to the other gym for a "trial" practice and see which gym suits you the best. Also, waiting until your coach has moved will give you a chance to see how it will be without your original coach there, you may find you like it better. It may be that you wish to stay with your coach, or you may wish to stay with your original gym. This is one of those times in gymnastics where it's entirely up to you, no one else should make this decision for you, because it will affect you the rest of your gymnastics career. Good luck!


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Feb 26, 2007
Oldest DD just started weaing grips this year, she is a L6/7, she never wanted to before, tried but they bugged her. Now she says she feels more comfortable with them.We have other girls in the gym that wear no grips.


DD started wearing them at L4 b/c of the jump to the high bar. After a traumatic adjustment period, she has no trouble with them now. But, she can still take them or leave them and will practice either way.


Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
Its okay that you started late, im 13 and just started level 4 team , so don't feel like your the only one:)! If you want to bump up the private lessons you do so. But if you work at home that will help alot{ stuff like your splits,handstands,cartwheels, and even conditioning will help} I hope the best for you:D! Work very hard and you will achieve your goals!!

P.S. { i think this is the longest post i have ever written on the chalkbucket:):p!!!!!}
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