Where can I get gymnastics posters?

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May 25, 2009
I'm re-doing my room soon. And I want to put some gymnastics posters on my wall. I really want ones with quotes from gymnasts or just in general. I also want good prices for them so I'm not gonna pay $50 for one poster. Any answers are appreciated and also any tips for my room would be great!


I got mine from DGS, and I love them. I got two of them myself, and two friends each gave me one. If you go on there to look, I have the Focus one, Strength, 'Making the Impossible Look Easy' and the 'Heart and Soul' one. There are several other cool ones on there, but these were my favorites.
Jul 31, 2009
I just look 4 posters/photos on google images. u don't have to pay and even if u do it would probley be cheap like a doller/pound!:)

you could also take a pic from the internet put it on photobucket.com change the size,colour,ect. ive heard of people who can draw on them (on another site) if you cant find one with a saying just use a marker or makeup(lipstic and stuff)thats what my older sis does!

hope i helped

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