where is a good place for leos?

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It depends a lot on what your definition of expensive is. Satara can be good, but you have to wait for the right time. Destira leos are pretty fair. I've had success with Dreamlight and sometimes GK as well. Snowdesigns does something cool;you can get a "grab bag" leo for only ten bucks. Just pick your size, and they'll send you a leo.
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This time of year I love ebay for leos. You know the saying out with the old in with the new. A peak time of year to get rid of leos that are too small to make room for the new ones you want for the holidays.


I like the ebay store called Jilly beans. Their leos are cheap, original, and fit great. Oh, btw, did I say cheap!
Aug 3, 2007
I like Snowflake Designs. I needed some team leos really quickly and they delivered. Their customer service department is second to none! GIve them a call and see if they can help you. They have a nice website too.
Feb 26, 2007
I also have been using snowflake, they sell on ebay, which means you can pay with Paypal, their shipping rates are great. Good suits with good service. Ebay is the way to go, you can find any brand.

The only other one I use is in Canada, www.jagwear.ca, we love it because you can design your own suits on their interactive website, my girls love to do that! Prices are both Canadian and US dollars.
Nov 9, 2007
I have a lot of luck on ebay. It's full of Mom's like us, offering leos a a very fair price. I have probably bought 30 over the years, and have not had a bad experience. And to be honest it's a lot of fun!


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May 11, 2007
Pacific NW
I do ebay a lot too. There's a lot on there and you have to be patient and keep checking, but if you do, you can get some amazing bargains. Over the years my best deals were a new with tags GK tank for $2.50 and a very nice new with tags GK competition suit with crystals for $25.00.


I get my dd's on e-bay, too. Every time she wears one she gets tons of comments. I tell them 'Oh, I got it for $10 on e-bay' and they're amazed. I've gotten a lot of hand-made ones that are beautiful. I've also bought GK there, usually worn but you can't even tell. Our gym also hosts a yard sale every year. There are families there selling tons of used leos. I got my dd 2 nice ones for $6 total!


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Feb 5, 2006
We carry Motionwear on our site and we recently got in a new shipment, check out our site for Holiday Sales if you have any questions feel free to me a PM.

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Dec 23, 2006
I've always been happy with tumblewear.com. Decent prices(scrunchie included) and good customer service if your gymnast doesn't like the suprise leo you thought she would love!!!

Our gym just had a used leo sale. All leos donated by kids were priced at $10 and for each leo sold the team girls got $6 in their individual accounts and $4 went to the booster club. We sold 4 of my gymie's leos(so made $24) and she found 2 leos that she really liked---1 alpha factor and 1 gk(looks barely worn), so she is set for awhile.
Dec 7, 2007
where to buy leos

gk- elite sportswear is good, although some of them are a little more pricey.
Rebecca's mom leotards are generally pretty cheap, and snowflake designs has some too.


okay i'm going to let everyone in on a big secret!

if you live near the PA area in any of the surrounding states, or if your visiting there for a gymnastics meet, stop by the GK outlet in allentown. they have all sorts of leos that are like 50% off regular price and stuff. i have a ton of leos from there. you can buy like 8 or 9 leos for under 150. AND if your daughter is small then they are that much more less expensive. they also have some cheer stuff there, and some gym supplies like tape (they sell like 10 rolls for $25, i get like 3 boxes everytime because i go through tape so easily) they also have ice skating stuff, if you have another daughter thats into that

anyways check it out! but don't tell anyone about this secret! :) jk
Feb 17, 2008
I only get GK leos. They can be really expensive, but they fit the best. Well atleast that's what our team thinks.

I've tried satara, dreamlite, and a couple others... and they either don't fit right, or their really uncomfortable.


dreamlight gives you the biggest weggies. i advice strongly against them lol
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