where to order a Matt and a bar???

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I have been looking online to order my DD a matt and maybe a bar for home use. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best place to order from and what to look for? Thanks in advance.
Feb 26, 2007
Look right above and you will see an ad for Norberts gym equipment.

Though I would advise a beam and a mat as kids grow out of bars very quickly and they also should only practice skills that are safe at home, unless you are a coach of course. Bars tend to be wobbly and unnerving for kids, check the weight limits and play very, very safe.
I agree that a beam can be better than a bar. I used to have a bar bit it wobbled all over the place even though i was well under the weight limit and made a pretty scary noise. After that I got a beam which has lasted ages and I still love and can still use whereas a bar at home i wouldnt really be able to use! In my eyes a beam would be a better investment and it would be just as fun!
Oct 27, 2008
Colby, Kansas
I bought my dd a bar for x-mas last year from norberts.com we love her bar! I am however a coach and don't know that she would have one otherwise. Her bar is not wobbly at all and her father and I have both played on it. but I got her a smaller one mostly for pull overs, front and back hip circles and so on I think that bigger skills such as kips and so on should only be practiced in gym! My older gymnasts sit with my kids sometimes when we go out and they have played on it up to 13 yrs old and totally love it as well.


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Jul 11, 2008
If you are not a coach I would advise you to check with your dd's coach before investing in any home equipment. Some coaches feel that practice at home without a coach leads to bad habits that are hard to correct. Other coaches are fine with it, but you might want to check first.
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