Where was Elfi?

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Apr 26, 2010
True, and I did get tired of hearing, "Well when I was competing..."

I think Nastia has improved dramatically over some of her earlier attempts at broadcasting and I had no issues with her commentary. Nothing against Elfi, but the sport has changed dramatically since she competed. I think it's good to try to get someone a little more current with the skills and gymnasts. I think references to her father were a little more frequent this meet because Katelyn was one of two female US gymnasts competing. And it wasn't Nastia's fault that they were asking her things like 'what does it mean when your father makes that face?'. Geez. Can't wait to see where the US gymnasts go over the next 4 years though. Interesting to hear both Allie and Gabby saying they were heading back to the gym soon.
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Mar 25, 2012
region II
NBC sport's lead commentator speaking to Tim (Dagget)......Tim, I wonder what corporate has in mind for Elfi. Could it be she's gotten a bit dull or neglected to embrace new ideas. Do you think Tim, that she's still in the conversation for 2016....or is she through.

Tim speaking...... Huh?
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