Which beam series transition is harder?

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Which is harder: the transition from bwo bhs to bhs bhs or from bhs bhs to bhs layout?

This question is for anyone . . . you can answer about yourself, teammates, gymnasts you coach, or your daughter. Thank you! :)
Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
While I can do none of the above... it seems to me that the other girls take to the handspring layout from the bhs bhs easier. For some reason, a lot of the girls get stuck going from walkover bhs to bhs bhs.
Nov 5, 2007
My daughter says it is all the same but when she tried to do bwo bhs it seemed harder for her because she was scared of them.She was training a bhs layout stepout(did them on low beam) until she was injured(not doing that skill though) and actually surprised herself how fast she caught on to it.
I think the most important part is to have a good foundation.


Jul 5, 2007
That depends on the person, really. Some gymnasts have smooth, aligned BHSs with good flexibility and don't seem to struggle much with working out of the faster first skill, but they may have problems achieving the amplitude for the salto.

Others may really struggle to move from a slower connection to a faster first skill (particularly if they aren't used to an aggressive sit and swing to initiate beam BHS), but don't have much trouble making the layout, and don't find it that different.

I never consistently did BHS BHS. I half heartedly did various progressions for it during basics as required, but I basically moved from doing a BWO BT (learned BWO BHS first though) to doing BHS BT and BHS two foot layout. I have no idea what would go down if I was a level 8 today, because I'm pretty sure I could not competently do any of the currently allowable series consistently. Since I generally struggled with any alignment on beam, it didn't really seem to matter, and my ridiculous falls actually ended up less painful from the position I missed saltos out of vs the positions I missed BHSs out of.

Some girls don't physically struggle with making any of the series look smooth and consistently landed (though they may have fear issues). Overall as a general statement I'd say working on that first BHS is pretty key...it's harder to align than the BWO for many and no matter what you're doing out of it, it takes awhile to learn how to push through a punching connection.
I always thought BW-BHS would be really difficult. BHS-LO doesn't seem so bad, though, possibly because I'm awful with hand placement.

Whoop if I ever get to do even one BHS on the beam, though; considering how crooked my standing ones are on the floor alone.

Like everyone has said... If you have rock solid skills on their own, throwing both shouldn't take you TOO long.

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