Parents Which side does your kid use to tumble?

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May 26, 2008
DD goes left. She is right handed as far as I know. Is left unusal? I'm not a gymnast, but can do simple things like a cartwheel, roundoff and I use my right hand/foot.
It's not unusual at all - my dd is a righty but does everything lefty at gym.
My DD as well is a righty but does all tumbling with her left hand/or side. I think it is pretty common. It is interesting how she was taught to do a cartwheel. Her coach had her fold her hands together and whichever thumb was in front, that was the hand/side that she tumbled on. So she learned to tumble on her left side.
Both of my DD's are right handed in everything else, but in gymnastics they are lefty's. Looks like a lot of kids are leftys in gym and rightys in everything else.
Right-handed lefties are very common in the gym. Dd1 was one. She got on dance team at school and felt like she had to relearn all her leaps because they always lead with the right leg in dance.
dd is a righty and tumbles on the right. i am a righty and tumble on the left.

in her devo class, there was 1 out of 10 girls that were right handed and tumbled left. in level 4, i think there are 2 or 3 that are righties and tumble left. i only can tell because the coach has to switch sides on beam, etc for the left sided tumblers. and because they divide them up for the floor routine by which side they tumble on. :D
Overall, its pretty common. My gymmie does everything right handed, but is a lefty in the gym. Leads with her left leg in all tumbling and vault. The best thing for little ones is just to let them do it both ways as long as they're comfortable. Eventually, you'll see her feel more comfortable either right or left and that will be it.
Okay so I guess it's completely normal! Well she was struggling with the cartwheel and it was because she was being made to do it on the right. I know she will need to do it both ways, but switching to her left made a big difference.

I tried the hand clasping thing and my left thumb goes comfortably on top, but I definitely am right handed and tumble right.
DD is a righty and tubmbles left she confuses her coach all the time because she can do most things on both legs so they made her choose. In our new L4's out of 17 girls only 4 are leftys. DD's best friend at the gym is a lefty and tumbles right.
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