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I don't usually post up here in the CB forum, but I'd like to hear what you folks who can't post down in the parents forum. I started making these videos of my daughters gymnastics meets this year so my parents who can't attend the meets could see what she was up to, and also so my daughter could see how her routines looked.

Turns out, they don't always like the same things and I wind up changing things until everyone is happy. So...I made this video thinking...ok....everyone should be happy...wrong. So my mom's real happy, but I played it for my daughter (the gymnast) and she says...yeah, it's good except can you change the music and get rid of those opera pictures?

Just curious which video you all like better. Here's the one my mom likes. I threw in some pictures of recent stuff dd's been up to:
DCS 3-28-09 and Met Pictures on Vimeo

And here's the one I made for my daughter. My son helped pick the music
DC Stars 3-28-09 on Vimeo

I'm going to bet that most people are going to like the second one...I like them both but if I had to choose I'd pick #2.
Not open for further replies.