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Sep 21, 2008
Hey, Im just looking for ideas..

Right now, Im thinking inlocate + kip, but the break down of body motion seems too broken...

Any suggestions would be very welcome.


okay. i sent the pdf to your hotmail. i could not figue out how to post it here. maybe you can? enjoy.
So.. much like the drill set for learning lock-arms, I have been trying to think of an "easy way" to break down the mechanics of this skill. I would like some people's input for it.

Step 1: Inlocate.

Step 2: On a set of adjustable rings, lower rings to top of a wedge mat. Gymnast lies on back in pike with hands on rings and "sits up" to "L" support.

Step 3: Kip

Step 4: Inlocate + Kip

Step 5: Combine into fluid motion.

I cant think of any other means to teaching the motion... any suggestions?

most important component is keeping pressure against the rings thru the pull down and then kip up phase.
Not open for further replies.