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Mar 8, 2022
Does anyone else’s gym have white competition leos? Ours are all white from the shoulders down and they’re terrible when you’re on your period, and they look good on no one. Our compulsories (the ones wearing the leo) range in age from 9-15, with a good majority of the gymnasts 12+. The optionals at our gym also have solid white leos with a tiny bit of pink but theirs are long sleeve and have a liner. (They range in age from 10-14)

What are everyone’s opinions on white leos?
DD's first gym had white comp leos and we did not like them. Always had to wear a full leo liner or underwear/bra even when not needed for the younger girls. Then the lines on the underwear and bra were more easily seen. Fortunately dd did not get her period until after she moved to a different gym.
Bad idea.

Our gym once had an ombré leo with white shoulders, black at the bottom. That was at least functional, though bra lines etc showed. i cannot imagine teenagers being forced to wear a totally white leo. What do your DD’s teammates and their parents think of it?
hate them. They are bad enough on the young girls but to make tweens/teens wear them in club gymnastics is ridiculous. And I don't know how the college coaches think they are a good idea for adult women and why the gymnasts don't revolt.
I absolutely love white leos but they only look good on some gymnasts. I would never entertain having them as a team leotard. So many kids would feel uncomfortable. I would take it to a seamstress and get a thick liner sewn in permanently.
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We had light colored bottoms (not white but they might have well been) on our HS section Leo’s. All us parents and gymmies went to the section head and basically said, don’t do that again.
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Hard no. We NEVER put our girls in anything other than black on the bottom. Light colors show everything no matter the material of leotard. Plus, that's a sure fire way to make a girl self conscious on her period.
My daughter has several all white practice leos and they are beautiful. That being said she hasn’t hit puberty yet and I’m sure her opinion will change. Our compulsories have white leos this year, and while most are younger we have at least a couple girls 12+, I can’t imagine why anyone would force a teenage girl to wear white!
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