WAG Who are your Favorite gymnasts of previous quads?

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it's never about entertainment with FIG. in fact, everything they do is antithetical to said same. it's always about safety and the development of the sport. as i said, Yurchenkos were being performed before they became official and before the introduction of the "tongue" or table. then the Julissa Gomez accident took place in Japan at Chunichi. the new table was forced/rushed in to existence. and rightfully so.

and again, the Korbut, and she had several skills named after her, was not the back flip from the feet that was banned due to safety. this skill was banned because FIG did not want uneven bars to go the direction of the circus. the back bend from high to low was banned because of safety. i regret if i did not convey this clearly.

and vault was always entertaining. Prudonova for 1. handspring double front. Produnova 1999 University Games Double Front Vault - YouTube

Natalia Yurchenko, Amanar and Lillia Podkopayeva all did their "name" vaults on the old vault horse. it was "entertaining" but became to dangerous for "normal" kids not of the Elite biological ilk. understand??:)

and arabian 1 3/4 were "desirable" to watch but they broke backs. so again, banned because of safety.

and by the way, i luuuuuuuuvvvvvve Prudonova.:):):)
Great Post Dunno! I love the gymnastics of today but I do have a soft spot for Zamo, Retton ( I know lots don't like her, I do), Omeliancheck ( horrible spelling but I LOVED her floor) and more recently Johnson and Memmel. Sorry for the OT Bog.
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wow! i didn't start a thread at all. way to confuse me...i'm illtecherate as it is.:)
Branching off from the Technical Limits Thread since I was starting to go Off Topic. Who are your favorite gymnasts or what are your favorite routines from previous quads, preferably when the older members of our community were growing up. If you can include a link to a clip of your favorite classic routines. I think this is my favorite floor routine ever, it is performed by Oksana Omelianchik. Oksana Omelianchik 1985 Worlds EF Floor - YouTube
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What happened here. LOL!!

Svetlana Boginskaya is my longtime fav, and not just because there is bog in here her name. She was just so into her routines. Just lovely.
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Sorry to be confusing guys! I started to branch off but I wanted to include Dunno's link. So it had to go in first then my explanation. It was an effort not to be TOTALY off topic but I confused everyone. We can delete if it's too messy.
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What an amazing floor routine of Oksana's that was. The tumbling run that "went on forever" was amazing! I loved the way she loved performing it too. Thanks for sharing that.
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I was always partial to Mary Lou Retton. She has always been my favorite. Now, seeing her as a parent in the sport, I think she comes off witchy. I understand that she is there as a parent watching her own girls, but dang, she has to know who she is and what she means to this sport and I guess be a little more grateful to those in awe of her. I've never approached her, nor would I, but have seen her witchy-ness in action - sadly, to my fellow mom friends no less.
^^^^^ Probably just bitter because she knows she was eighth in the rest of the worlds eyes. I think she has also make snarky comments about Carly and Nastia.
I have to admit Keri Strug's Olympic vault still brings tears to my eyes and for that she will always rate high among my faves
Yelena Mukhina was my all time favorite. She was so lovely & graceful. I love her beautiful lines. Another sad tragedy....
Daniela Silivas. She made everything look so easy and always had that great smile.

Beam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J5RoZ1NdH4

Floor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irToJIrBI7E

I read a quote from her coach once- she wasn't the most talented, or the most flexible, but he allowed her on his team because she could train all day without getting tired. My DD holds this very dear because she's exactly the same :).

I also loved Filatova, Omelianchik, Szabo, all those old school 80's gymnasts.

Aurelia Dobre - I very nearly named my daughter Aurelia, and sometimes still wish I had, except Dh couldn't say it, let alone spell it:rolleyes:

Andreaa Raducan too...

Of recent-ish times, I think Catalina Ponor c. Athens. I'd sort of lost touch with gymnastics and her beam brought that love for the sport right back.
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