Who inspires/motivates you?

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I would have to say that Nadia Comaneci inspires me more than anyone.I dont know what it is about her that inspires/motivates me but she does.

So who inspires/motivates you?


I love Nadia too! She just has this special quality about her that makes her so...perfect. Who doesn't want to be able to execute a routine as perfectly as Nadia! I also love Aurelia Dobre and Maria Olaru. I don't know what it is with me and those three particular gymnasts. To me, they just have a certain presence about them that sets them apart form the rest.


Beth Tweddle, basically the only half decent gymnast international gymnast from my country!:p:D seriously bars was always my weakest event but i was inspired my how much she attacks her routines and the skills she does, even though she's not the 'typical' bar worker like Nastia.


Shannon Miller was the reason I got into gymnastics, and she continues to be a positive role model with health and fitness.


I really am inspired by Nastia Liukin and Jiang Yuyuan. They are really great role modles for me:D


Sep 19, 2008
Nastia and Anna Pavlova. I just love their style. Probably Pavs even more than Nastia or anyone else. She's just so classy and I wish my gym could look as great as hers.


Jul 13, 2008
rainy washington
I think I motivitate myself a lot. But I have many people who inspire me. A lot of times I look up to Nicole Harris, because we're exactly the same. I'm one of those gymnasts that get's really frustrated with herself and sometimes cry, but only if I'm REALLY frustrated, and no one understands why. I look up to Shawn for her amazing attitude, and same with Nastia for her amazing perserverence. There is a quote from one of her fluff's where she says, "it's always difficult to keep going, after a fall. you feel like it's over, you feel like you have no chance, but I can NOT give up." That inspires me daily. When I have a bad day at gym, or can't get a skill, I can totally relate. Since I've heard that, I always think of that to keep me going. Oh! And courtney kupets, for her mental toughness.

ahh i could go on and on :D

varsity gymnast

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Mar 17, 2009
i think shawn johnson and nastia liukin are my role models... they helped me to understand never to give up even when the odds are against you.....
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