Who is your favorite gymnast?

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My favorite gymnast is Nastia Liukin! What about everyone else?
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haha, Katie Heenan is my favorite.. Nastia is a good friend of mine, she's awesome! I know her from gymnastics, I hope to meet Katie soon!!
Chellsie Memmel...I used to compete against her parent's gym (M&M). My whole competitive career was in Wisconsin.
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My favorite gymnast is a gymnast on my dds team she's the coach's dd. She's shown on just about every page in the Lake Owen Camp booklet.She's really nice and very talented my dd loves her.
my fave local gymnast is this little 12 year old level 8. It's just something about her....and she's really good!
My favorite local gymnast is featured in my Avatar.... No suprises there. I really like Courtney Mc Cool and Nastia, but we missed every single televised competition this year and haven't seen anyone compete. Can't wait for the college season to start, I love the way they show every single event for every single gymnast when they televise it. We really liked Kristina Basket and Nicole Ford from Utah. Nicole Ford had a really cool floor routine.
My favorite gymnast is Alicia Sacramone. I also like Nastia and I just saw this girl on a Level 10 meet from CN8 named Shaynelee Fox I think she's great! I also like Isabelle Severino and Irina Krasnianskaya.
i like gael mackie and courtney kupets. i also like tasha schwikert and kate richardson.
My favorites were Carly Patterson and Courtney Mccool before they quit. Now my favorite is Alicia Sacramone.
I'm going old school here and really dating myself....
(in no particular order--some are just my favorite b/c i like to watch them)

1. Amy Chow-awesome on bars
2. Svetlana Khorkina--awesome on bars--crazy stuff
3. John MacReady
4. Jason Gatson---he's overcome a lot and kept pushing on
5. Mary Lou Retton
After watching The Tyson American Cup- I was very impressed with Shawn Johnson and can't wait to watch her in the future and hope she can stay healthy until Bejing!
I'd say i'm my favorite gymnast. lol jk. I like Nastia and Shawn and Shayla and Alicia and Ivana and Samantha and lots more
I loved Holly Vise- don't think her efforts were ever fully appreciated. My heart breaks for her every time I watch the Olympic Team selection on youtube.
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