For Parents Who needs the vault fairy ???

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DD got her tsuk's by herself yesterday !!! She also started working yurchenko's and was doing really good with them. :)

So who wants to trade - I'll trade the vault fairy for the bar fairy. Once she is up in a handstand she can do her giants no problem - the problem is getting up into that darn handstand.

So far she is having a really good summer doing new things (except of course when she tried to break her neck last week). She is now doing her fulls by herself, actually did her bhs on beam yesterday without the coach standing anywhere near - wasn't too pretty - but her fear was to jump back without the coach there - and now she got her tsuk's herself. If this keeps up she won't be able to fit through the door when we get home because her head will be too big, LOL.
Feb 26, 2007
What a great week for her, she must be feeling so proud. The bars will come for her, she seems to have hit one of those skill phases, nice that they do come!

Bigger Bog is going back to gym after a 5 week break on Monday. Send any fairy you've got her way. Including the ankle fairy!!!:) We have no idea what will happen with her.


I will definitely be sending many good thoughts her way - I really hope the time off helped her heal and she can stay injury free :pray: She really must be one tough kid to battle through all she has had to contend with.


Proud Parent
Mar 7, 2008
Region 7
That's great about the Vault Fairy's magic !! We could use her here too ...big DD is working tsuk's and could use some speed in her run. Little monkey is a better runner but she's having trouble with the whole jump/pop thing due to her height & weight (lack of).

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
Hope the good health fairy heads your way Bog. About time older Bog was able to come back and do gymnastics without pain!
Jan 17, 2008
Bog - the most important fairy - the guardian angel is on her way to you!

Flippymonkeysmom - Sounds like our girls are working the same skills and are doing about the same thing! I wish you and your DD luck wiht those Level 8 skills. We head to Lake Owen later in the summer, I hope DD will be able to use it to perfect some of the skills she is working these days.


My poor level 10 still tsuks...terrible vaulter...but she was 11th at regionals on bars so bar mojo your way! Send some vault dust here!
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