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The WAG world team for the USA will not be decided until the end of the training camp that will be held in the days leading up to worlds.
Those that are competing are the ones who are competing. I imagine the rest are done. Training and competing at that level for many years is very demanding and the girls put their teen years on hold to make it happen. It is very hard to go back to that kind of intense training after the O's and the fanfare it brings.
What they say and what they do may not be the same. Lots of pressure, lots of money to be made, many people pushing for different things. You will know for sure the year before Rio who is actually competing and in the running.

These are very young people trying to deal with many things all at once. Tons of new kids coming up from juniors and life gets in the way.

Not many gymnasts make the Olympics more than once in the USA.
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Jordyn decided not to train/compete over the summer because she had other commitments and could not train at the level that she need to to be prepared for the meets
I was hoping that Aly Raisman would come back, as she is my favorite of the Fierce Five (especially so because she won the gold on floor at the Olympics).
Well Aly is training again. But she just started up this past week. Only time will tell if she can actually make it competition ready again.
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