who will be on the womens 2012 OLYMPIC TEAM?

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Responding to the original question - obviously Mustafina will be great on the 2012 team, but I do want to see Nabieva as well! Basically, I don't care about her "disasterous vault" because OMG, that Tkachev! I've never seen anybody do it like that before...I think I'm in love.

As for the Americans, I hope Larson makes it because she has great personality on floor and I love that she goes for the extra skills nobody else does, like that full turn in standing split on the beam.
I don't think we'll see Nabieva or Larson in London. I'd love to see Mattie get another chance, but I don't think it's going to happen.

For the US, I think the only lock is Wieber, the rest of the team is up for grabs.

I think Komova, Grishina, and Mustafina are locks for Russia and will be the team to beat. US will be strong on three events, but I'm worried that it will be hard to compete with the Russians on bars.
They are only going to take five girls in 2012. So my five picks are:
Jordyan Wieber, Shawn Johnson, Ali Raisman, Rebecca Bross, Alicia Sacramone
If Nastia makes a come back, then I would add in Nastia and remove Rebecca Bross
Rebicca,komova are expected to be in there. For the past three quadrenniums, the US Olympic team has been largely comprised of the previous year’s World team.I think that just facts and predictions and the time shall decide who will be the part of this team.
Dunno about their odds, but as far as who I'd like to see on the US team, the first three that jump to mind are Weiber, Bross, and Shapiro.

For the men's team it's a bit harder to call, because there are so many I'd like to see on it who have a pretty good shot. Leyva's an obvious choice, but past that I don't think I can really narrow it down. Horton, Legendre, Orozco, Maestas, Brooks, Dalton, Mikulak.... the list goes on.

And of course, I'd love to see Scott Rosenthal make the team just for rings, but I think that's unlikely, since CJ Maestas is almost as strong on rings and considerably stronger on everything else.
Assuming she'll go injury free until then...knock on wood...I think Jordin Wieber is on the track to the Olympics. Shawn has the potential, I guess it just depends on how her training goes considering she had a long break.
Chelsie Memmel did outstanding at the Visa Champs, and Rebecca Bross as well. I guess we'll just have to see how fast her knee heals.
I'm thinking Johnson will make 2012 team. She's been working hard on her come back. Still a year and a half to improve too. She didn't do so well at the covergirl classic but I think with some more training she will be good as ever. And Wieber for sure. I'm Canadian but I don't know if we will have a gymnastics team for 2012 let alone a strong one. For the Russians I'm thinking definetly Mustafina and Komova. But in a year and a half alot of things could change.
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My opinion -
Weiber - No question
Johnson, if she improves, I think she will though. Atm she is defo not good enough, but knowing her, she will make a great comeback
Sacramone - I really hope she does. Her gymnastics is great atm, and I think she deserves a chance to prove herself.
Raisman - Defo
Bross - Haven't heard much yet about her injury, but provided she makes a full recovery in time.
Maroney - Very strong at Tokyo, hope she is there.

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