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Some of you may be noticing alot of changes here on the site, some of you may not. Either way, I am upgrading the site for one reason...to attract new members. Leotard Crazy has been around for about 4 years, but the forums have only existed for a little over a year. I didn't know if the forums would work out or not, but they're great. Now I'm trying to add all of the features that I've always wanted them to have. The forums will also be better integrated into the homepage of the site (http://www.leotardcrazy.com). This will pull more people from our booming pro-shop into the community. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks, look for new features, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Things to look for:
1. Skills & Drills section
2. New arcade games
3. More gymnastics links
4. Photo gallery (maybe - vote in the polls section)
5. More search engine visibility (Go to google and type 'site:www.leotardcrazy.com' in the search bar. This will tell you how many pages Google has indexed for us. Remember to post, add links, play games, etc. to help this number go up.)

Don't forget to check the thread tools menu at the top of every page. There is a email thread button you can use to email threads to your friends. If you have a friend that might have something to add to the conversation, email them the thread and ask them to join in.
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I've noticed..and I like the changes. I also left a note on our message board at the Y telling about the site, but there hasn't been much interest.
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