OT why did you pick that name?

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So i thought it would be fun if we told eachother why we picked our name like (GYMVAMP for excample) just put down why and/or where it came from!!!
When I was in highschool, I worked as a professional juggler at the Rennaissance Faire. My character's name was Geoffrey Taucer; it was a pun on Geoffrey Chaucer, and we changed it to "Taucer" as a juggling pun. I liked the name, so I eventually started using it as my all-purpose internet name.
From the main character in a favourite childhood book.

Well I am obviously a *huge* fan of the wonderful sport of gymnastics and I'm from New York, so...NYgymfan!!! ;)
I love all of the vampire books and movies so thats where i got vamp and i love Love LOVE gymnastics so thats where i got gym:)
I'm female and I have an upbeat and sunny disposition. Living under George Bush for 8 years really helped that.


I'm a sarcastic misanthrope.
ummm, it's my name plus the year I was born!
Boring, I know, but it is easy to remember and fast to type!

I try to keep the same username on all forums, or at least similar if that one is taken already.
I used to go by 'pink-n-sparkly' but it got confusing trying to remember which websites I used that for and which I used marie83 for!
That's easy! After living at the gym for over ten years, my dd quit gymnastics for good two years ago. When I joined this site, I was officially at the GYM NO MORE. Luckily, since then, she came out of retirement and I almost changed my name to momofachamp, but I didn't want to jinx it. But, luck is running out and it appears that very soon, I will once again be at the GYM NO MORE. So please pray for us that it all works out and send whatever gym fairies are available our way.
Tumbler K - it's my email address. My dad set it up with me when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I wanted something with gymnast or gymnastics but he didn't want my email to be anything that screamed "young teenage girl" so I pointed out that both boys and girls tumble, and the K is the first letter of my first name.
Well at the time my dad still seemed to think that "gymnast" implied female. I was young, and there aren't any boys gymnastics programs around so I agreed with him. You can tell 13/14 year olds a lot of things and they will believe you...
I am Pogo!

A long time ago, there was a comic strip called Pogo, named after the main character, who was a possum. I was an early user of computer communication, in fact, I was on the internet before the existence of the World Wide Web in 1989. Even back then, my screen name was "Pogo." I have continued to be "Pogo" on a number of gymnastics boards that have come and gone, including GymnZone and GymSpot.
I picked mine what feels like ages ago. But I was always known in and out of the gym for being graceful so that's where it came from.
At my gym the gymnasts have to call the coaches by their surname i.e Miss whaterever, Mrs whatever, just 'Miss', or Mr whatever. My surname is fairly long and starts with 'bear', and when I first coached my group they were age 5, and couldn't say it, so we shortened to Miss Bear. Now they are older, some have stuck to Miss Bear, some say the whole lot and some stick to Miss - I answer to all!
Just a couple random gymnastics related words and my favorite number/day I was born.... kinda boring but whatever that's ok!
Cool thread idea by the way!:)
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