WAG Why % for who qualifies for level 6 regionals?

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Dec 16, 2013
1) do all regions determine who qualifies for level 6 regionals base off percentage. Think our state got 14% last season. Determined by how many qualify for states.

2) why does level 6 use a % when most levels base regional qualifications off a score requirement?
Level 6 doesn't have regionals. So I'm confused.
Are you asking about Region 6
6, 7 and 8 do a percentage in Region 8.

I think doing it this way allows them to control the size of the meet. Not sure if there are other reasons as well.
If I am not mistaken, region 8 uses a percentage for levels 6,7,8. It is the top X percent, and the percentages go up as the level goes up. So level 8 has a higher percentage than 7, etc.
If I am not mistaken, region 8 uses a percentage for levels 6,7,8. It is the top X percent, and the percentages go up as the level goes up. So level 8 has a higher percentage than 7, etc.
You are completely correct for Region 8 :)
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Mainly because level 6 is HUGE and they can't have a 4-day meet for level 6 regionals. They also raised the qualification score for levels 9&10 to have more competitive gymnasts and to keep the meet in the time frame. Not every region has Level 6 regionals--that's on a region-by-region basis. When Region 8 first added regional championships for Level 7, they only took enough gymnasts for 2 sessions, and no state team if I remember correctly. Then they restructured when Level 7 numbers grew and made it more like Level 8. Then when Level 6 became an optional level, they added level 6 regionals.
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I'm in region 3. We do not have a regional meet for level 6.

For the upper levels, only a percentage of competitors qualifies to regionals, no matter what AA score you got at state. So, you have girls with 37+ at their state meet not qualify. That means very low scores can also qualify if it was a rough session with lots of low scores. It is done this way to keep the regional meets to only a weekend. Texas has too many gymnasts to just give a flat qualifying score.
In level 9 and 10 in ALL regions it is based on a score. This is regulated by USAG and it used to be set at 34 for all regions, but 2 years ago USAG determined that each region can set their own qualifying score to Regionals for L9 and L10, but it is a score, not placement or percentage. Region 8 then raised their score to 35 due to the high number of L9 and L10 competitors. The reason it is a flat score and not a percentage or placement is because at L9 and L10 Regional is the qualifying meet to go to Nationals or Eastern/Westerns. So, at Regionals it is the top # of girls in each age group that advance.
For Levels 8 and below, each region determines if they will have a regional championship and how it will be structured, so this varies greatly between regions. Region 8 has 'state team' of top 8 from each state for each level and then additional slots are for "All Stars." R8 figures number of All stars by deciding first how many sessions of each level they will have at regionals (Which by the way they have decided to add 2 L6 sessions this year according to meeting minutes recently posted on R8 website). Once they know how many sessions they will offer, they will then know how many competitors they can fit into each session for a total number of All star slots. These slots are then divided up among the 8 states in the region based on how many state qualifiers there are from each state so that each state gets the same percentage of all star slots relative to their total number of competitors. The specific percentage will vary slightly from year to year based on total number of competitors changing.
Region 4 just recently added regionals for levels 6 & 7 (I think), I don't know how many gyms actually took advantage of it, from what I heard they weren't very well attended (an extra travel meet for a lot of teams that they just didn't find necessary, since those levels can't move on from regionals). Region 4 is also one of the few regions (I think) that does the Super 8 team for the level 8s. The top 9 level 8s compete as a team against the other teams in the region. Our gym only sends level 8s to regionals if they make the super 8 team, we had a few disappointed girls who weren't able to attend regionals but I can understand our coaches reasons for it.
Thanks everyone for responding. It fascinates me how it differs from region to region.
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