Will there be a shortage of gymnastics coaches due to COVID-19?

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We lost a family member to the virus this morning. This is not the flu or chicken pox or strep or the common cold. Kids are vaccinated against chicken pox, and strep is easily curable. Even the flu vaccine is at
least partially effective. As a society, we should not give up so easily and just accept that COVID-19 will kill millions of people every year. We must fight to get it under control.

I am simply not willing to risk my child’s life for a sport, or school, or a haircut, or a dentist appointment. Our family will continue working, learning, and working out at home until we are vaccinated or the disease is contained. I know there are some who feel that a constrained life is not worth living, but I am not one of those people. Unfortunately, those people’s choices mean that the virus will continue to spread and my family will have to remain sequestered even longer.

Very sorry to hear.

I agree with you fully
Not open for further replies.