WAG Will vault ever just click for DD???

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Proud Parent
Aug 28, 2009
Ok…my poor kid is/has been trying to master a good vault for, well, all her gymnastics career this far! She is a level 9 (2nd year) and the coaches really want to move her to 10 but do not want her to move quite yet because her vault is..:well not good yet! She competes yurchenko (sp?) pike and it scored last year 8.5-8.8 range. She can sometimes squeak out a layout but it’s definitely not strong enough to compete. This is year 3 of the pike for her. She is also now working yurchenko 1/2 on front off but is very new to that so it will be a while. Anyway..does any one have any fabulous success stories where your gymnast just started clicking and getting this vault thing???


Proud Parent
May 6, 2020
My daughter's vault improved greatly after her big growth spurt - she was faster and stronger and blocking finally clicked.