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So I just returned from IGC, where Blaine Wilson is training all summer. He and his coach Miles Avery both agree that they want his comeback to go past this years USA's. Possibly the 2008 olympics. My opinion is that this attempt is brave yet unrealistic. Compared to a younger crowd of new generation gymnasts Blaine seems old fashioned and out of place. I'd like anyones opinion as well.:D
I agree. I think it's time for him to pass the torch onto the new guys.
If he is ready and doesn't get injured, more power to him. It's not just about who's throwing the hardest tricks. Blaine also has experience, something the younger crowd may not have yet.

I would not give him any breaks though. He needs to prove himself and earn his place.
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Blaine's good, and there's certainly nothing wrong with continuing to train, but I don't think he can hope to compete with the younger crowd.
I was talking to Miles Avery (his coach) he said that if Blaine had been training at Ohio state this summer he believed he could have been national Champion. But his training situation at igc is less then ideal.
I was also at IGC the first week in July and talked with Abie about his training...tough, he is riddled with injuries. Only time will tell if he can make it. Working at IGC was Blaine's decision. I also talked with Miles about his training and we'll see what happens this fall when they return to OSU. We will be attending the Buckeye Classic in Feb of '08. We'll see what progress he's made since this past summer.

Gymnastics is for the younger group, Blaine knows it and knows what he's up against. The younger kids can do everything he does, can he outdo them? That's the question. His temper may get the better of him. ;)

I agree with passing the torch, he is a fabulous coach and should turn his focus to where his strength lies now. Better to retire at the top of your career then before people wished you had retired.
Have fun at the Buckeye Classic--I always enjoyed that meet. One year I competed against girls from Japan and China.
I think if Blaine wants it enough, and is healthy, he will be fine in his continuation of this great sport. Look at Jordan Jovtchev of Bulgaria. He is like 36 years old, and still on top of the world on a couple of events. I almost bet you will see him in Beijing 2008.

So good luck to Blaine, but more importantly... Good luck to Paul and Morgan Hamm. They are looking great right now. Go to there site and check them out:D


Anything is possible if you try. Even more possible if you are trying with experience, knowledge, and a love of the worlds most beautiful sport!
I completely agree He definately wants it and if he is able to stay healthy. I see no reason why he wont make the olympic team in 2008. I bet you would have to go back along way to find a 4 time olympian.​
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