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ooooh nice bun!

I tried to slick it down :( didn't go well LOL

But I would say our first attempt was successful. She still had curls when she left for school . . .
For the curls that look like cheer curls, I used perm rods (the thin ones, you can get them at Sally's Beauty Supply) ) . Using DRY HAIR , I took a small section of the ponytail, sprayed it with hairspray, wrapped it around the perm rod , snapped it in, then used a hair dryer to dry that curl. My daughter's hair took 78 perm rods but the results were fantastic. She slept with the perm rods in over night (I tied a bandana around the whole mound of rods) and the next day , took out the rods , sprayed the curls abd we were good to go. The curls would have lasted a few days ( but she always wanted to wash them out on day 2)

The whole process took at least 2 hours to put the rods in, and in the morning, at least 45 minutes to get them out. Good Luck!:)
your curls came out really cute. just use lots of spray gel with damp hair when you put up her pony. sally's ion spray gel rocks. :)
The curls turned out great, and the model is beautiful:). I didn't get involved in this thread because Bean doesn't have to have a specific style for meets, but I may try to convince her to let me do this to her hair! The results were awesome!!
The curls came out really nice. She is so pretty. I agree with the other posters that if you slick back the rest of the flywaways you are good to go!
Thanks so much everyone for the kind words and encouragement.

for 6.99 plan B arrived in the mail . . . .

I thought making a bun and tossing the fake curls over it would be easier . . . until I remembered . . . I don't know how to make a bun either LOL!

Well, she's going to try the fake hair out at the gym tonight . . . . fingers crossed it stays in and it doesn't bother her!

Here's a peek . . .


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I can't believe the gym insists on curls girls with fine straight hair it can be tough,but the fake curls look great hope they work! My dd has naturally curly hair so this style would be very easy for me! LOL
The fake curls are great. I just saw my life get easier. Where to you get them>???
link -> Important Information

I got the Pomz size they make for toddlers. I sent them a photo and they picked the color - got them priority mail in 2 days. they recommended the "pomz" because they thought the larger one would be to big for a gymnast.

they have a comb, a drawstring, a needle and matching thread and nice easy to read instructions / care booklet. Honestly for 6.99 if it doesn't work out she can use it for special occasions

I'll let you know how it goes tonight!
Oh goodness....good luck!

I am SO GLAD we do not have a "hair policy"! As long as it is out of the face, neat and not whipping around into their eyes on bars we are good. I personally do not like the idea of ribbons, curls, hair pieces, etc., I prefer the "natural" look, I guess, minus the enormous amounts of hairspray and gel used to achieve it :eek:!
All I can say is thank goodness DD gym requires a bun. We have a mock meet today, so I am sending her off to school with her bun in. Here are pictures..................note this is a "Sock Bun".


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Our gym is the same. All buns and probably a full can of hairspray per bobble-head.

Nastia calls them an "Apple Bun", but same thing. Twist, spray, twist more, spray more, <mumble words not meant for young ears>, spray, twist, <tell DD (again) to stop squirming!>, spray more, band tightly, add decorative band, pray.

Of course DW has this pleasure. I simply enjoy the drama of it all.
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I hope I never *have* to buy them or use them for her gym, but you have opened my eyes to the wonders of fake hair. I'm thinking DD and I should get some of the more natural looking pieces for the next time we have to get dolled up!
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