Wobbles and Fall

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Nov 28, 2008
DD usually does pretty well on beam 9.1 to 9.4. Of course no one is perfect and her last meet she fell on the L5 scale. The judge slammed her with an 8.55. A little harsh I thought. I counted a couple of deductions for not holding the two handstands their full counts and not as high on her toes as she should of been, but expected her to score around an 8.8-8.9. Before she finally fell she started waving her arms around like a flying bird (pretty funny actually). Question is, would she of gotten the body check deduction(s) along with the fall?
The judge would take for the fall ONLY, not the balance errors before the fall. But, if the scale was not held long enough before the fall, the bwould also be a deduction, or if any other element was not fully completered before the fall. (For example, not getting the 2nd foot on on the cartwheel, then a fall- the deduction would be for not completing the cartwheel and the fall). Hope this helps.
If she wobbles and waves her arms and then ends up falling anyway, it's just a deduction for the fall. There will likely be form and execution deductions that caused the fall that will also be taken.
You know, if you consider the fall is worth, what .5? That would've been 9.05. Where's the complaint? I didn't see the routine, but 8.55 is great.
Thanks for all the responses. I reviewed the vid of her routine again and noticed she failed to hold both handstands the full count ( close though) and her scale never was held the full count before she fell. I guess the judges decided to take the fullest deductions possible on all the other minor execution elements she missed. Since the meet where she fell off she went to state where she performed a near flawless routine and got a 9.575! Too bad she only took third in her age group the other top scores were 9.650 and 9.725. Oh well.
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