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Feb 19, 2017
Hi there! I am brand new to this forum and I aplolgize if this has been posted recently, but has anyone from outside TX ever sent their gymnast to WOGA competitive summer camp? If so, can you tell me a little about it? I just registered my 7 year old, level 3 (training 4) for camp in July. We are by no means looking for an intense camp, and not expecting her to learn any crazy new skills. I mainly signed her up because her idol, Madison Kocian, trained at WOGA. I really just want her to experience what it's like to train with new coaches (she's had same coaches since she was 4), meet new girls, have some fun exploring a new place (we have never been to TX), and maybe meet one of the amazing Olympic gymnasts (not expecting Madison, but if my daughter got to meet her, she would probably My daughter is excited beyond words to go to camp, but now I am worried that the camp might be too intense? She just competed level 3, she's not the best gymnast in the group, but definitely not the worst either. She's pretty middle of the road. Parents with WOGA summer camp experience my questions are:
1) Is the camp intense gymnastics all day?
2) Are there a good number of younger kids there (level 3/4)?
3) Are there many "outsiders" there from other gyms? We will be traveling from another state, and I hope my gymmie doesn't feel too intimidated!
Thank you to anyone who actually finished reading this post, and thank you in advance for any advice!!


Proud Parent
Jul 23, 2013
My DD didn't do the competitive camp, but she did the advanced rec camp at age 4. We live in TX, but not in the Dallas area. She had a lot of fun. I don't recall that camp being too intense.
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Proud Parent
Nov 4, 2014
Our girl went awhile back and enjoyed it. It is not to intense and they do some fun things like having a pool party on one of the nights. The time she was there they had some of their "names" come in and sign photos taken with the kid.
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