Women’s all around final geoblocked on FIG Channel

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Aug 12, 2017
I was wondering why is the women’s all around final geoblocked on fig channel and if they’re going to remove the geoblock later? I noticed that the men’s all around final isn’t geoblocked. Why on earth is women’s? I tried to record the broadcast on my tv but for some reason it only recorded 37 seconds of it! I’m quite sad right now because I was really looking forward to watching it. There is a website where I could watch it but it isn’t really working on my tv. I would definitely rather watch it on my 40” tv than my 9” iPad. I know this isn’t the end of the world because I will still be able to see it on my iPad but I’m just frustrated because the recording didn’t work and then the video is geoblocked. I’ve had some rough times lately and watching gymnastics has been the best therapy, lol. This is just a boring complaining text but I just needed to tell my feelings to someone who understands and what’s a better place than Chalkbucket. I already ranted about this to one of my friends who also likes to watch gymnastics. I just really hope that they will remove the geoblock so I could watch it.
well that is capitalism for you. more people want to watch wag compared to mag so wag moving pictures are worth much more money hence they are not put up for free but sold to the network paying the most.
just use vpn service and watch the youtube vid anyway... there are many vpn options out there, some are free (= you pay with your data aka being tracked and becoming transparent as a customer and human being, f.e. opera browser's vpn option), some let you pay for their services (lots of choices, some research needed).

easiest option: wait some days, the vids will show up on youtube in a week or so.
Not open for further replies.