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Just a curious post from a new member here.

Hallie is almost 9 (March 26th) and is short for her age, 4 feet 3 inches but weighs in at 70lbs! She wears a size 7/8 perfectly and looks tinier then her friends but she is surprisingly compact... I am guessing it's because of all the working out because she even has a little six pack tummy but I was wondering if your gymnast looks lighter weightwise then he/she is too...

My DD is 10, is about 4'5 and weighs about 68 lbs. So more or less the same as yours. She also wears size 7/8 clothes and they fit her perfectly and she does not have an ounce of fat on her body - it's all muscle.
My dd just turned 10 (Jan 25th) and is 4 ft 5 1/2 in and weighs about 65 lbs. She is smaller and thinner than most of her classmates and still wears a 7/8 also. She is more of a "Nastia" body type. I have noticed that she has "bulked up" a bit since being in gymnastics. I try not to worry about the body type/weight thing with her--as long as she is eating healthy and getting enough rest I don't pay too much attention. The only time she really gets weighed is at the doctors office!
Wow. My youngest is about 4'3" and also about 70 pounds. She's not skinny at all. She's not overweight either, but she is very solid. She's also tall for her age (7). She's definitely no Nastia!
Same here, my 9 soon to be 10 year old is a solid 75 pounds, and is 4'4" tall. She is solid as a rock. She does love to eat though, loves fruit and veg thankfully, we joke that we should buy an orchard for her!

Healthy weight is such an individual thing.
My dd is almost 6 years old, 3ft 9in, and weighs 49 lbs.-:eek: If I calculate her BMI she is overweight. But she is like your daughter "compact." She is definately not the Nastia type but more the Shawn type- short with big muscles. I have a really hard time finding clothes that fit her. Size 6 pants are usually big on the waist and long and with shirts I have to go a size up because of her shoulders and arms although the shirt is usually really long. I have read in here before of many gymmie having the same problems....:rolleyes:
DD is 4 ft even and 50 lbs. Can you say skinny?

Just wanted to add that DD eats ALL the time. In fact you can pretty much set your watch by her "I'm Starving" every hour and a half. She eats lots of fruit, yogurt, popcorn, granola bars for snacks. She is kind of a grazer. little amounts of food - very often (I have not figured out how she makes it through a school day yet - but boy does she eat on the way to practice !!). She loves salad, chicken, pot roast, potatoes......

Very hard to find clothes that fit - size 7 slim is ok in pants. She needs the length but they still have to have those elastic things inside that you can pull and button so the waist is tighter. I was similar when I was little (not so much now :rolleyes: - DS is same he is 12, almost 5 ft tall and might weigh 70 lbs ) Long & Skinny are mine. But she is still almost the smallest in her class (height & weight).
now :rolleyes: - DS is same he is 12, almost 5 ft tall and might weigh 70 lbs ) Long & Skinny are mine. (height & weight).

It's so strange how different kids can be, my son will be 13 in May and he is BIG! 5' 9 1/2" 145lbs, size 12 shoe and 32waist, 34 leg pants and medium in MEN'S shirts!! DD Caitlyn is just barely 10 and 5' 1" 96lbs and wears a jrs size 2 pants, small jrs shirts and a 32 A bra already. It's hard to believe she and Hallie are only 18 months apart. My last DD, Olivia is 6 and still only 4 feet tall and 42lbs (my little ballerina all the way). She is the smallest in her 1st grade class by far. We're not sure where the tiny/petiteness came from but DH is 6'2" and 225lbs, I'm 5'8" and 120lbs so go figure.... :rolleyes:
I'm always interested in this measuring game! Rayna is 10 years old, (Oct 19th b-day) 4'0 (standing as tall as she possibly could!) and 56lbs. By comparison, my 8 year old is 4'2 1/2 and 58lbs. My 12 year old is 4'8 and 63lbs. (and wearing *my* shoes!)

So, I'm impressed by how tall she's gotten, lol, and she's excited because she'll be tall enough to ride better rides at Wonderland this year! She was SO insulted to hae to be in the `dora the explorer`` ride bracelet last season!
You have to remember that muscle will weigh more than fat. My gymmie is 12, about 4'11" and weighs 92. If you would see her in jeans(wears size 12 "skinny"), I think you'd guess her weight easily 10-15# lower. She has football player shoulders and is proudly trying to get an 8 pack. These girls bodies are chisled!! Of course, it can be a real challenge to get clothes since she has to get shirts/tops from the jr. sizes and jeans etc. still from the kiddie department.
My 7 yo daughter (also with an Oct birthday) is 3'10" and 44 lbs. She is nothing but muscle but still doesn't weigh much. We are not particularly short people either - 5'5" and 6', so not sure where the short genes come from - but we are all on the skinny side so I guess she got those genes. My 9 yo dd (not a gymnast) dd is 4'4" and 55 lbs.
My 11 year old (turned in Dec.) is about 4' 4" tall and weighs about 66 pounds. She wears 10 slims with a belt to hold them up (she needs the length). She hate the pants with the elastics inside because they feel so bunched up. Justice and Limited Too pants fit best in slims. She can still wear her 6 slim shorts. She is one of the smallest in her grade. She started 6th grade this year and looks so little. She has gotten used to being called midget and such. She cried when she found out her 9 year old sister had grown taller by maybe 1/4-1/2 an inch. She eats often and can eat a lot when she's hungry (like 5 slices of pizza!), but has a metabolism like her dad and just burns everything.
Just posting to add that all of you with dd's who look like they weigh less than they do - I envy you! That weight is such a big help on vault. My poor dd has such a hard time on vault and the coaches keep telling me to feed her more! :D
These threads are always interesting. I just measured my DD for this post. LOL. Good thing these threads come up or I would never know how much she weighs or how tall she is. :)

She is 6 1/2 years old, 45 3/4" tall and 42.5lbs. 18th percentile for weight and 26th percentile for height. I am sure that percentile increase is all muscle. She has always been below 10% for weight until moving up to team.

She has actually put on a lot of weight since moving up to team last year. I was so worried at this time last year. Last year in May, she was 2 months shy of being 6 years old, 37lbs and 43.75", 8th percentile for weight and 25th for height.

Here is the calculator I used. Pretty fun. Especially when used over time.

Children's Growth Chart Percentiles Calculator
My daughter is 15, five foot two, and about 110 pounds. She is solid muscle and is build like a truck! She looks small though, especially compared to all the others at her school but she is all muscle.
This is a topic that is becoming more of an issue for Pixie. As it is starting to impact her scores.

My daughter is 8 yo. 3'10" and 40 lbs even. Using that calculator above she ranks in the "less than 3rd percent" for her height and weight.

The issue is that she and one other girl are the babies on team. The other girl is almost 10 but is of good size, weight and muscle tone. All the other girls on level 4 are 11 years and older. When they practice vault they always keep the extra spring in and at 40 lbs Pixie just cannot get enough spring out of the board. She gets so aggrivated lately because the coaches hound her to pound the board more and she is trying. She's even shed a few tears over this.

Her little toothpick arms also have trouble supporting her ROBHS on floor.

I hear all the time that she is built perfectly for gymnastics but I honestly don't think that is true. People are shocked when they realize how old Pixie really is. Because they usually assume she is 6 and not 8. Her father and I are both really short. I'm 5'2" and he's 5'7". She's going to be little and we know this.

I just wish the beefing up the arms would happen quicker so she doesn't have to struggle with skills because of a size issue.
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I just did the percentile calculator for my dd:

At 10 years and 2 months:

your child is 65 pounds, and that is
at the 23rd percentile for weight. your child is 53.5 inches, and that is
at the 31st percentile for height.

I actually thought she was closer to the 50 percentile for the height percentile. She looks tall I guess because she is on the reedy side--long arms and legs and NO butt!!!
So funny that this came dd just went for her 12 yo check up. She is 4'8 and 68 pounds and no where near puberty. She is around the 7th percentile for both. The dr's problem is that she keeps falling down the chart. She is lean--a "Nastia" build--and just increased her hours, so I am hoping that she will be able to add a couple of pounds in the next month when we have to go back for a weight check :( She is our only petite one. My ds is 13--5'9 1/4 and 160 pounds--tall and solid. My 10yo dd is 4'9 and 92 pounds and needs a bra. The 4yo is 35 pounds but I can't remember her height--:)--that's what happens when you are the 4th....

This makes me feel better to see lots of tiny people :)
Thanks for the calculator link, Mariposa. It came out a little differently than I thought it would for my kids.

DD#2 - 11 years old - 86th for height (I thought it would be higher) and 57th for weight. She's 5'1 and about 89lbs.

DD#3 - 7 years old - 85th for height (again I thought it would be higher) and 93rd for weight. She's 4'3" and about 70lbs.

I went ahead and did DD#1 as well, even though she hasn't grown any since the end of 6th grade. She's 15 now. She came out at 67th for height and 84th for weight. She's 5'5" and about 142 lbs.

This is moving away from the original poster's post, but have you ever done one of those height predictor things? Those are interesting too. Based on the height of the mom and dad and your child's current height and weight it predicts, more or less, what their adult height will be. Check it out. I get 5'8" for DD#2 and 5'6" for DD#3.

Adult height predictor for calculating Children's adult height

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