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Proud Parent
Oct 27, 2020
Does anyone have any ideas as to how Woodward (in PA) is handling COVID? We tried looking on the website, but all we saw was some information on COVID in summer of 2020. DD also tried looking on tik tok (not the best source of information, I know!) and we saw a lot of videos of girls and even staff not wearing masks in 2020. We would like to send her to a camp, but only if it’s safe!

Geoffrey Taucer

Staff member
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Jan 21, 2007
Baltimore, MD
On paper, they have a lot of precautions in place.

In practice.... I've seen an awful lot of videos from last summer of kids packed together, not always wearing masks.

Woodward is one of my favorite places on the planet, but I will definitely be skipping it this summer.


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Proud Parent
Aug 22, 2008
dd was a staff mmber there last summer and they were required to make sure the campers wore masks around the campus but and I believe in the cabins (only half occupancy BTW), though not once they were in beds nor in the gyms during workouts. Staff were required to wear them at all times aside from sleeping. Were there campers who pulled down their masks at various times? yes, but the staff were there to remind them to pull them up. And I heard dd with these reminders when we talked via phone. The camp cut the number of sports/activities for that they could spread out the campers better and they shut down several of the extra camp options they usually have available for free time. The campers had their own group during meals that they sat with (set times as well). It definitely was very different than a typical camp year that dd remembers when she used to go but she said the campers seemed to have fun. Minimal symptomatic cases were reported and I don't think any outbreaks, but as we all know kids/young adults are more likely to be asymptomatic so who knows? Not sure what the camp will require of staff/campers this summer.


Proud Parent
Aug 24, 2013
Woodward was open last summer? Wow! Good for them.

My son went to Woodward west when he was pretty young and I had lots of questions before he went that I did not see answered on the website. I called them and talked to somebody.
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