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I'm getting back to the gym for open gym. But I realized, it's been so long, almost 6 years, what do I need to do to start getting back in shape? Do I work on routines? If so, which ones? Any good workouts? Skills to focus on? Thank you :)
Condition, train strength. If you are heavier than your target weight, look closely at your current dietary intake.

Any good workouts? Take a look at and their WOD.
Your workout also depends on your motivations. Are you going back to gym to compete again? Just to get in shape again? Just so you can tumble? Etc. etc. or any combo of the above.
I'd like to have the strength as well as skills. Not to compete but just to have fun. I'm not struggling with weight loss but just a matter of getting my strength back to where I can complete moves on all events with confidence.
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