WAG Featured World Gymnastics Championships (Liverpool 2022)

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I figure we should get a little world championship talk going... so here is the thread for it.

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3 of 5 Gators! Go Gators!

If Shilese maintains her consistency, they should have no problems. Even if she doesn't, between Carey and Chiles I expect solid routines.
I am actually really excited about the men's team and what it says about the direction the program is trying to go. This isn't the safest team, but it is the team with the highest scoring potential.

Women's selection was pretty uninteresting. I think it will be interesting to see how Chiles does, after she has such a lackluster Olympics. I'm hoping they can hit beam, and that it's a good team competition. My friend and I are both huge gymnastics fans but it's been getting hard to watch so many falls in major events. We miss compulsories more every year.
Anyone else follow podium training from today? Wong really struggled on every event, including her most likely contributions of bars and beam. Blakeley, on the other hand, had an incredible day. It will be interesting to see what the final lineups are.
This is gonna be streamed on Peacock right? Is it just finals or podium training as well?

Check out this post...

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It is absolutely infuriating that there is no stream for qualifications (literally no stream, as the rights holder has elected not to produce one to distribute to broadcasters). Not so much of a problem for the USA, or GB, or any of the other countries that can reasonably be expected to have gymnasts in the finals.

But most gymnasts at this event won’t make the finals. Most countries attending won’t be represented in the broadcast. If gymnasts from smaller programs can’t see their heroes competing at this level and aspire to that, how are those programs supposed to grow? The overwhelming message is that if you’re not in the top eight in the world you just don’t count. And there are always beautiful routines that don’t make the finals, especially on beam and floor where extraordinary artistry can’t always punch through high difficulty. They deserve to be seen.
I agree. The American sports television market is weird. Professional Cornhole and Pickelball gets a coverage on ESPN and other networks but gymnastics gets shoved into a corner. NBC spends a ton on the rights for the Olympics but their coverage of the sports themselves is not inspiring.
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Chiles and Jones looked great . Leanne looked a bit labored on her routine but hit. Blakely is a lovely beam worker , just needs to stay on...and although her gymnastics isn't flashy, Jade Carey is steady as a rock and she delivers meet after meet! Her dad really has paced her well.
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If you have a VPN you can set it to another country and the international feed is available for replay on YouTube. It was very good.

I was saying that the beam seemed cursed, but apparently it was wet. As in it is bucketing down in Liverpool and the roof was slowly but steadily dripping on the beam, which was being wiped off (the mats under it too) between gymnasts. If this is true, and it genuinely seems to be, it’s a pretty scandalous example of television sechedules being put ahead of athlete safety yet again.

That aside, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who still plans to watch, but I thoroughly enjoyed that. Over the last decade or so, GB has slowly but surely put themselves in the field, and watching the bronze medalists reaction when they saw the scores actually made me tear up.

And the USA looked good. Honestly, I think they looked tighter than they have for ages - just more attention to the details of execution and routine composition than was needed during the Simone era. It worked well for them.
My understanding is that Peacock isn't doing replayed, so I streamed the Women's AA from my phone at work and caught the top contenders when I could. I don't want to spoil anything, but what a meet! I was impressed with Shilese's consistency. Curious who else watched it.
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