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Feb 26, 2007
If you find cctv5, chinese channel, on google and load the player you can watch the world Gym Championships on your computer.

That is how I'll be spending some time........:D
Feb 26, 2007
Shawn Johnson and Alicia S just nailed floor. That more than makes up for the weirded out beam. Though I do feel sad for Russia, to lose a medal spot through a vault miss is so sad.

I'll post the times for the other finals, AA womens and individual womens finals. Just have to get them from another site.

Jul 12, 2007
THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! Thanks again bog!:D

I know that is also supposed to run free live feeds of Worlds, but whenever I go to that site it always wants to charge $4.95... anyone else try that site?
Feb 26, 2007
I have used wcsn in the past, and it is free right now to sign up. But, it is blacked out for Canada, which is why the cctv5, which works just fine, except for the language barrier.

Her is the schedule for the reat of the events.

CCTV5 coverage: (All times are EST)

Wednesday, 9.5
7:55am - 11:05am Women's team final

Thursday, 9.6
1:00am - 2:31am highlights from Women's team final
7:55am - 11:05am Men's team final
4:25pm - 6:00pm highlights from Women's team final

Friday, 9.7
2:05am - 3:40am highlights from Men's team final
7:30am - 11:05am Men's all-around
12:27pm - 3:55pm Women's all-around
4:25pm - 6:00pm highlights from Men's all-around
10:25pm - 12:00am highlights from Women's all-around

Saturday, 9.8
12:50am - 2:45am highlights from Men's all-around
7:50am - 11:05am Event finals: Day 1 men and women

Sunday 9.9
1:05am - 2:37am highlights from Event finals: Day 1
10:05am - 12:55pm Event finals: Day 2 men and women

Feb 26, 2007
You can watch cctv5 anywhere in the worls. You will just have to work out your tiem based on New York city time. It is all is chinese, but it was still a huge thrill to watch.

WCSN gymnastics cannot be seen in Australia.:( Or in fact in Canada:(:(

I'll be watching!
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