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After being in this so long (and I know you have too, GAgymmom), it's interesting to me that sometimes I feel differently about a meet than my gymnast does, and I've seen it go in both directions. Regardless, I try to accentuate or affirm the positive if my gymnast wants to talk. My emotions about a meet are mine to process, and I don't want to burden my kid with helping me if I'm feeling down about his/her day. I think the only situation in which I'd express criticism would be if my gymnast was acting out or not being supportive of teammates. It's understandable to be down if you're having a bad day, but you don't get to take that out on your coach or your friends. (My son had a rather bad meet last weekend, but one of the bright spots for him was his teammate's strong performance.)
Yup! And that is what I had to scold my daughter about last weekend when she had a bad meet. I told her it’s totally fine to be bummed and disappointed and all of those emotions but to criticize or belittle others because of their performance was not OK. Hopefully, she will grow in this area.
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Just wanted to say that I absolutely love this thread and what a great reminder it is that gymnastics is not only about performing well and medaling.
It’s so rewarding to see you all post about the little wins in gymnastics and what important life lessons our kids are learning from it!
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