WAG Would a gymnast have to scratch if she arrives in a different Leo than team comp Leo?

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Jan 11, 2021
For some background info. The coach ordered Leo’s extremely late (ordered in November, first meet in December) Some of the kids at my daughters gym still have no comp Leo, and they can’t even wear an old one, because some of them are starting comp this year. Would they be forced to scratch or given a deduction?
No experience this but I wouldn't they just get an incorrect attire deduction? I find it hard to believe she would have to scratch
No - my daughter and her friend both competed in a practice Leo because we moved to the gym a few weeks before the meet, it was the end of season and there was no point trying to get a Leo. It’s not a deduction or a reason to scratch - our practice leos we’re just in the gyms color scheme with their logo
back several years ago, dd's club gym routinely had gymnasts in different leos b/c they didn't require families to buy new leos if the old one still fit. Color schemes were usually the same but design was different. Also, high school seniors design/wear their own leos. Again, same color but different designs.
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My daughter accidentally put on her teams competition leo from last year and she was mortified when her teammate noticed it when they were warming up their first event. When she asked her coach in a panic what to do about it, her coach calmly told her that there is not really any other option but to compete with what she had on. It really wasn’t a big deal at all. I will say as a parent I didn’t notice until her third event when she was standing right next to a teammate and there arms were a different shade of black. Now we laugh about it, especially since she is a 17 year old high school senior. After the meet when I asked her what happened her reply was that she must not be as mature and responsible as she thought. It will definitely end up being one of the meets that she remembers
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I have seen it happen numerous times and it’s never been a problem. Sometimes a team replaces its Leo and kids only get it as they grow out of the old one.

Sometimes a gym has a different Leo for different teams in their gym, but those teams are a mixed level. So in a meet they are with kids from another team in their gym.

Sometimes the kids have an accident with their Leo and spill juice or sauce in it, dint make it to the bathroom or get their period so they need a different one.

Sometimes a newer gymnasts leotard hasn’t arrived by the meet.

Lots of reasons it happens. I believe in our comps there is only a deduction if it’s a team comp only.
I was at a meet for my son two weeks ago and there was a girls meet going on at the same time. I noticed a couple of gyms had girls competing without any matching leos- I'm guessing their comp leos hadn't come in yet and they probably hadn't ordered one the year before due to Covid, so it was a mix of leos in close to the gym colors. I don't think it had any impact on scores, although I can't be certain since I didn't have a kid in that competition.
My daughter used to go to a gym where each girl was allowed to select their own leo, they could be any color or style. My daughter's current gym has sometimes had a mix of leos when changing to a new style. The only deduction for leos would be for improper attire, such as spaghetti straps or the soon to be open back deduction. They don't need to match
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