WAG Would This Count As A Level 6 Bar Routine?

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Feb 27, 2022
I recently watched a video of my cousin's bar routine. It appears to be around level 6 level but it was the strangest routine I have ever seen! For Level 6 in our region, I see most girls do the level 5 first half on the low bar, and Kip-Flyaway on the high bar, sometimes with cast handstands and layout flyaway, occasionally with an added giant. A handful of times I have watched Kip/Sole Circle on low bar and Clear Hip/Flyaway on the high bar. But this routine: A) has no clear hip or circling element besides a back hip circle and B) has FOUR kips! Anyway, this is how it went:

-Swing under the bar and do this odd half turn thing, kip back up
-Back hip circle
-Squat on
-Kip, pushaway kip on the high bar

With straight body casts around horizontal. I did not see the score or other events. However, her relatives mentioned she could do a back full on floor (I know sometimes family's summaries of their child's gymnastics are not always very correct, but still). Is this AAU or Xcel, or is just an unusual bar routine only done in certain regions?
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