Wrist popping

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Aug 8, 2007
West Coast
I was doing back walkovers earlier and my wrists were hurting so i was kinda rolling them and kneading them and everything and I did this and I felt a few pops in my wrist and it hurt. I did it a few more times to see if it would keep happening. (I'm not sure why I decided to keep doing it if it hurt...) It pops and hurts a lot more on one of my wrists than the other one. I made my brother do it and nothing happened. If you are a gymnast can you try this? I want to see if it is common of if I am just a freak.

1. Pull your hand out from your wrist as far as you can. (You can see like a gap)
2. Push your hand back and flex it while it is still pulled away from your wrist.

Does it pop like 5 times?
I don't feel like pulling my wrist out, but both of my wrists pop when I roll them in circles if that means anything. :)
My wrists don't pop very often but gymnast have a tendency to be 'weird.' I havent been a gymnast for a couple years but my ankles crack every time i walk up stairs and my toes crack when i point and flex them. My back pops about a million times a day as well as my finger.... if it hurts you might get it looked at but if its just making noises and you dont feel any pain or notice anything different in your gymnastics i dont think there's a need to worry.
By pulling your wrist like that youre opening up the joint to a lot of fluid and air.

That POP is all that fluid and air escaping, most likely. It's just like cracking any other knuckle. It's a release. However, since youre overloading it (it seems) it may be more intense than youre used to, causing it to hurt.

Personally, I would invest in some tiger paws, let them help support you, and condition your wrists at home or during free time in the gym with wrist strength and for-arm strength.

Taking a ball of socks and squeezing 100 times a day will begin. When that gets too easy, start using a tennis ball.

By the time that gets too easy, you shouldnt have many wrist problems anymore.

Other than that, there are a few wrist push-ups you can try (which are really hard), as well as some other strength ideas your coach may have.

Asking never hurts anyone :)

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My wrists would pop all the time and i would always crack them to make them feel a bit smoother. Recently i also found a bump on top of my wrist.

I think every single gymnast on the planet has at least on joint that pops or crackles everytime they move :p Especially in the morning, because when I get out of bed every morning its like there are fireworks going off :p
my wrist doesnt pop, but i also ha ve abump on top:rolleyes:and one of my shoulders will crack every time (at least almost every time) i raise itabove my head. so i dont think its 'weird' but if it hurts you should ask someone about it
My ankles pop when I roll them. I asked the doctor, and he said that what that is is just a tendon rolling over the bone. I don't know if that would apply to what you're describing, but thought I'd share just in case.

Unless the pain is really bad and you want to get it checked out now, I would invest in a pair of tiger paws and when you're at the doctor's next, ask. ;)
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My wrists pop when i move them in a circle

My hips do too though :S ! If i do a lot of splits or leg kicks they pop more and more. Last year it got so bad i couldn't walk. It went away for a while but now i'm training more and doing more splits and flexibility they're popping again. Eep =/
everytime i roll my wrists they pop. also, when i roll my right ankle it pops like really loud so its normal for all of the popping because i know alot of people who has that too.
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My wrists used to pop all the time and got very painful after any work out. I have very hyperextended wrists and all the pounding on them made the very sore. I got Panda Paws (the UK version of Tiger Paws) and they work wonders. If you are having a lot of trouble with your wrists I definitely recommend them. They stop your wrists pushing too far and just give you more support.
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