WAG Wrist shift in kip

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Mar 18, 2023

I have gotten my kip and lost it multiple times, but now I kinda have it. Some days, I can do it with perfect form and straight arms, but other days, my wrists don’t shift and I get stuck at the top of the bar. Are there any tips or drills for this?
Lack of wrist shift isn't a problem, it's a symptom.

99% chance the problem is one of the following:
1) You're gripping the bar too tightly. Relax your grip. Let it almost peel off the bar; when you get out to a fingertip grip, you'll end up shifting your wrists to the top to regrip more or less automatically
2) You're starting the kip too early. Wait until you stall out at the top of the glide, THEN bring your toes up for the kip