For Parents Xcel Bronze Requirements??

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Dec 22, 2019
My preteam gymnast is going to an open tryout for Xcel bronze at a different gym then she currently attends. This tryout consists of her attending the 3 hr Xcel bronze class and I am full of anxiety!
She loves gymnastics, she has most of the Xcel skills if I'm not mistaken (except for backhip circle) and she has her back walkover and just started working on front walkovers and back handsprings. But, she really struggles with form and certain strength like pullups and rope.
What do they look for at these tryouts? I hate that it's 3 hrs and I don't want her to clearly be behind the other kids for 3 hrs :/
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Every gym is different, mine doesn’t even have tryouts, they just invite from the regular classes. Remember that bronze can be very basic! My daughter competed with 2 cartwheels and a handstand as her tumbling her first year. I think our gym is looking for girls that are teachable more than anything!
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Does your daughter make corrections?
Is she strong?
Is she flexible?
Does she "go for" skills?
Is she respectful of coaches?
Is she powerful?
Does she have most of her Xcel Bronze skills?

Honestly, every gym looks at slightly different things, but these are some common questions they may assess. Some are very focused on age and body type, others are very inclusive. If for some reason she doesn't make the team, wait a year or try another gym. How old is she?
Xcel Bronze requirements are pretty basic. They don't even need to have a pullover as a mount on bars. It honestly just depends on the gym. Personally, we don't host tryouts, we just move kids accordingly when we see ability, so I don't exactly know how their tryouts will be done. Honestly, if she is already working front handsprings then she's certainly qualified floor-wise. Our Bronzes do forward rolls and cartwheels their first year.
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