For Coaches Xcel Gold bar changes for 2022-2023

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Proud Parent
Sep 4, 2009
This is any example for a gold routine shown on page 7 of uneven bar section of code:

Pullover (LB)
Cast (to horizontal)
Back Hip Circle
Cast (to horizontal)
Back Hip Circle
Cast to Squat on, jump to high bar
Tap swing 1⁄2 turn dismount

• MeetSpecialRequirements-Yes(Note:Bothbackhip circles receive VP and SR because there is a different exit)
• MeetValueParts–Yes
• StartValue-10.0

further clarification on page 10:

Any Uneven Bar Skill listed in the Xcel Code of Points may receive VP credit two (2) times in an exercise,
provided that the element occurs in a different connection (i.e., preceded or followed by a different element).
Clarification: Back hip circles can receive VP/SR credit two (2) times. Any stops, pauses, readjustments, etc. will be deducted for rhythm errors only and does not negate either Back Hip Circle VP/SR