Coaches Xcel gold floor tumbling pass ideas

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Dec 2, 2014
Hello. I'm new this season to Xcel. I have a gymnast that is gold. Her tumbling is a big struggle for her. Her first pass is a ROBHS. My hang up is her 2nd pass. Her front handspring is very weak so a front tumble pass is kinda out till we fix it. She doesn't have an aerial, and her front salto is very inconsistent. She also doesn't have a back tuck yet. She is very close to her aerial but not in time for our first meet this weekend. Any ideas for a second pass? Would ROBHS straddle jump work? Or handstand forward roll step out ROBHS? Thank you for your help:)
you can't do another ROBHS for the second pass unless a different acro skill like a front handspring or tuck is added to change the series(straddle jump or handstand roll won't do it). How about a front handspring step-out/round-off? FHS doesn't need much power to complete this pass.
That's what I thought but wasn't positive. We tried the FHS RO first and its not any better than her aerial or front tuck. Her other events/routines are right on with skills for gold. This is the only thing we are stuck on until the obvious tumble skills are better. So for a meet (this weekend) I have her do a pass that looks ugly , throw a skill (probably aerial) that is inconsistent but she may pull out in a meet, or a pass with a spot?
I wouldn't throw an inconsistent or ugly pass, or spot. I would probably just have her do the RO BHS as the second pass again and take the 9.5 SV. Then she is at least getting the experience of competing a full routine, and it won't score too poorly if her RO BHS is good.(may even score better than and an ugly/inconsistent skill!) And keep working that aerial or tuck!
Thank you! That is a better plan. She is working hard to get her tumbling up to where we need it. Thank you for all the help.
Or... she would still get the 9.5 SV, but have her second pass be RO Straddle jump (and change to an aerial when consistent or RO BT if she gets that first).
I tried to get creative and think of something that might work, but I think taking the 9.5 SV would be your best bet for the first meet. Keep working the fhs and aerial and hopefully they will be ready by the next meet (which I would imagine is a month or so out at this point).
Just curious, have you tried a fhs 2 feet? I ask because we have one girl who struggled terribly with fhs step out (our standard for silver & gold kids) but picked up a plain old fhs with much greater ease- and she's not a super powerful kid who struggles with tumbling and with very tight shoulders. Might be worth a shot.
I love creative ideas. I was thinking about a variation on the bhs like cartwheel gainer bhs bhs. Or through a one at bhs into a series. Just to close to a meet though. Going to go with the lower SV and she will probably score well regardless. Her routine is pretty solid otherwise.
There is a really good document on the USAG website about constructing tumbling passes for Xcel. You should check it out!
I have seen that webinar before. I research like crazy when I'm home. I check the usage site regularly. This was all handy to go back through again though.
So we had our meet and I had this gymnast do ROBHS for both passes. It worked like a charm! The rest of her routine was spot on and she was 1st place on floor. Thank you all for the suggestions. Time to get back to practice and work tumbling.
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