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Jan 2, 2020
Hello. I'm a gymnast who struggles with tumbling. I have a front handspring and a front tuck, but no back handspring yet. What are all the different combinations of passes I could compete for Xcel Gold? Thanks
All you need is one tumbling pass with 2 flight skills, and either another 2 flight pass, OR a salto or aerial (front tuck).

If you are able to do a front handspring step out (may be called something different in your gym), a front handspring step out linked to a roundoff or another handspring would work!
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Ask your coach because some gyms have different expectations with tumbling, but some possibilities include:
- fhs- roundoff
-front tuck- roundoff
Second tumbling pass:
-front tuck
I know you didnt ask for tips but back handsprings are scary to learn but when you are learning what always comforted me is to always keep your arms straight. As long as they are straight and not collapsing you will be ok. The bhs may look bad but at least you made it.
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