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In our area, L3 and L4 tend to compete Bronze, L4/5 Silver, L5 Gold. Depends on the kid.

In our gym we do both

Here is how our gym does JO vs Xcel

Level 2 = Bronze
Level 3= Silver
Level 4=Gold
Level 5,6,7 = Platinum
8,9= Diamond

We do not dumb it down, for a lower Xcel Level then we are qualified for.
So I am OK with this
This is pretty much what our JO trains at and we do both JO and XCel.

Our kids hours pretty much max out at about 15 hours be it JO or Xcel.

I am seeing a pretty big variation in hours with some Xcel programs training at least as much as our JO kids and some even more. And the program is also "sold" differently at different gyms.

I am also finding how the hours are spent in the gym are hugely different. Which the conditioning thread got me thinking about.

So when someone assumes Xcel kids train less I am finding that is not necessarily accurate.

Yes I have thought the same -people often complain about JO kids competing x cel and winning b/c they practice much more. But then one should also consider the great discrepancy in JO hours. Our level 3s practice 6 hours and there is a bronze team in the area that practices 6 hours as well. Another gym in my area has their level 3s practicing 12hours.
This past year, our bronzes, silvers and golds all worked out together, 9 hours a week. This upcoming year is going to be a little different - we have a small army of bronzes coming in from our preteam (we only had two last year!), and the majority of them will only be doing two days instead of three - 6 hours total. The rest will stay the same.
We have very low hours compared to everyone else. Kids do well though and place well in our area.

We don't compete Bronze.
Silvers 3 hours a week
Golds 5 hours a week
I think our Xcels go 5hrs, not sure what levels they are/will be as this is new to our gym. I'm excited to see how it turns out, the coach is really good so it should be fine! I'm not sure what the norm in this area is as we just haven't followed Xcel before.
At my gym we have Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. During competion season Gold trains 5 hours a week & Platinum/Diamond train 9 hours a week. In the summer Gold trains 6 hours a week and Platinum/Diamond train 12 hours a week.
Our gym varies.

We had a team of first-year competing Bronzes that did 5 hrs.

Another small group of Bronzes & Silvers that did 6 hours with no option for more (my daughter would have chosen more).

Another (larger) group of Bronzes & Silvers that did 6-9 (9 mandatory for some, optional for some)

Then the Gold-Platinum were like 14-16.
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