WAG Xcel new changes- lower start value on Floor Routine?

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Dec 9, 2012
Region 8
Hey guys. At my meet on Saturday, us Xcel Silvers performed our floor routines just like at the previous meet in late december, where we started out of a 10.0 start value. At this meet, we were judged out of a 9.5 start value! I can't seem to understand why we were lesser this time, as my coach told us there was a new xcel rule that made it lower. Our series are either roundoff-backhandspring and dive roll, or roundoff-backwards roll and dive roll. Our leap combinations were acceptable, like chasse leap- hitch kick, or other combinations. And we fulfilled the full turn and had dance. Can anyone give me a clear explanation why this start value was lower? Maybe I'm just a too nosy gymnast... lol
I bet Raenndrops will know! She/he is the chalkbucket expert on all things Xcel. I did notice a recent change in level 6 with rolls not counting but didn't see it for Xcel.
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Here's a link to the USAG XCEL overpiew page where you can print off the code of points and double check each skill/pass you have in your routine! I struggled with this last year, not having a personal code of points, and my bronze girls received several start value deductions because the head coach didn't double check, so when I was put in charge of bronze level XCEL, I MADE SURE I triple checked everything, as well as bought my own code of points :)
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