For Parents Xcel Skill Values?

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Mar 16, 2022
My daughter just completed her first year of competing in Xcel Bronze. I have seen the list of the skills allowed for each level of Xcel, but I have to be honest, I find it very confusing! It seems as if allowed skills all carry the same "weight" when it comes to scoring. Am I correct in understanding that, for example, a forward roll is a skill that is equal to a round-off on floor? And though a round-off is harder, you do not get additional points for trying, but stand to lose points if not perfect? So really those who do the easiest skills well will most likely score and place higher at meets?

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Yes, quite simply. Clean skills score better than "harder" (but imperfect) ones. This is one of the things that makes Xcel unique from DP (formerly JO). An array of skills can be performed at each level, which allows each gymnast's strengths to be highlighted. As odd as this sounds, it makes Xcel more accessible and fun, IMO.

I'm not a coach or judge, just a mom whose kid did 2 years of Bronze and I was confused for about 1.5 years of that before I found Chalkbucket. ;)


Feb 27, 2022
Yes. Basically. Scores are only one aspect of creating a good gymnast, however. If your daughter can execute a round off reasonably and finds them more challenging and fun than doing a perfect forward roll, she should do them. If she has aspirations to continue in gymnastics, a girl who does a roundoff will be on track to doing a roundoff BHS in Silver next year. (Or a roundoff backtuck, a fhs stepout roundoff, whatever she msy compete.) A girl who can only do a forward roll, even if it is good, will find progressions into the higher levels more difficult.
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